Environmental Monitoring

The environmental monitoring package consists of a central unit with temperature, humidity, and wetness probes attached to it. The unit is assigned an IP address and reports data back to a server with Intelipool network monitoring software installed. The software can be configured to set limits for temperature, humidity and wetness and emails can be

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam

We also sell and support all the major anti-virus products such as McAfee, Norton, E-Trust and Trend. Barracuda The Barracuda Spam Firewall is an integrated hardware and software solution for complete protection of your email server. It provides a powerful, easy to use, and affordable solution to eliminating spam and virus from your organization by

How to Choose a Good IT Support Company

While most of us couldn’t live without our computers and smartphones, we know that technology doesn’t always work the way it should. Computers can contract viruses, peripherals can fail to connect to host devices and Wi-Fi networks can stop working – all for reasons unbeknownst to most of us. Unless you’re a computer whiz, trying to diagnosis and fix the problem can be frustrating, time-consuming and, in some cases, futile.

Windows 8.1: What you need to know (FAQ)

One year after the debut of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 is here. It feels significantly less dramatic, but Microsoft’s latest version of its PC operating system has some changes, and some requirements, all its own. If you’re a curious would-be adopter, or a diligent Windows 8 upgrader, read on for some answers to your questions.

Remote Support