Stay productive when you’re on the go — use Office Mobile to get the Microsoft software you’re familiar with on your Windows Mobile phone. Use Office Mobile to open and edit Word and Excel documents and view PowerPoint presentations.

Don’t miss out on messages while you’re on the move. Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile keeps you connected to your e-mail, calendar, and contacts with the familiar Outlook features you know from your PC

Outlook Mobile gives you e-mail on your terms. You can sync most Windows Mobile phones over the air, through your mobile operator, or at a wireless hotspot. Your calendar, contacts, and tasks are up-to-date. Plus, e-mails and attachments arrive with their original appearance intact, so you see tables, graphics, font colors, formats, and Web links just as they were sent.

You can use Outlook Mobile to:

    • Organize information in folders, just like on your PC
    • Send and receive e-mail from Web-based services like Yahoo! Mail and from Internet service providers like Comcast and EarthLink
    • Synchronize your calendar and contacts with Office Outlook on your PC or your company’s network
    • Search your company’s central address book for contacts you don’t have in your own contact list
    • Send meeting requests, track attendance, and receive detailed responses to your meeting requests when using Windows Mobile 6


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